About Me

My career path has allowed me to pick up varied skills and expertise, and I currently wear several hats. My full-time job is as a statistician, but in my free time I also analyze and write about soccer and occasionally write popular (aka, non-academic) articles about Korean history.

I received my undergrad from Michigan State in Supply Chain Management (SCM), and a minor in Linguistics (a surprising and not a very common combination, I was told by my linguistics professors). After planning & routing trucks for a year I pursued my PhD in SCM at Iowa State, before leaving ABD.

After leaving ISU, I landed a job as a Statistician, where I get paid to essentially do my hobby—collect, analyze, and report data.


I started and run Café Tactiques, a website dedicated to tactics and data analysis. I’m ambitious and always looking to add quality analysts to expand the number of stories we can write, so feel free to reach out if you’re interested in contributing or looking to join the team.

Click here to read my work on Café Tactiques.

I’ve also contributed to K League United, the leading place for English-language coverage of South Korea’s K League. Here are my contributions so far:

Match Analysis: Jeonnam Dragons 0-2 Bucheon FC 1995
Defensive Woes Help Lift Asan to a 3-0 Win at Jeonnam


I’m also very interested in history, particularly Korean history. Occasionally I contribute articles to World History Encyclopedia that focus on different people and topics in the Joseon era of Korean history. I plan on writing more articles to cover much of the Early Joseon period in detail. Here are my articles so far:

Sejong the Great
Early Joseon Period

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