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Recently I wrote a pair of articles for a non-profit History website, Ancient History Encyclopedia (AHE). Their mission is to provide quality, free resources for history students, teachers, and enthusiasts. They have a team of writers but also accept submitted work, provided it is factual, sourced, and up to their standards. Their historians peer-review everything … More

‘The Sun Also Rises’: Hemingway’s perfect pandemic lockdown read

Earlier I was thinking about my favorite book, The Sun Also Rises. The setting of the novel—people hanging out at cafés and bars drinking and talking—made me realize how timeless the book is and especially how important this book is in today’s socially distant times. In this post published on Cherry Tree Reads, I both … More

Financial Analysis with Python: A Beginner Program

Article Readability Stats: 1,564 words; Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level = 9.2 I’ve always liked finance and trading, and have been short of good methods to use to quickly and effectively research companies and make decisions. Since the summer I have been beginning to learn Python, and the code in this article is a program I wrote—following … More

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